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Our goal is to deliver 1,000 postcards to military πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ recruits each week.

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Meet the Recruits.

Thousands of recruits arrive each week at boot camp who receive no mail during their first five weeks of training. As a Giving Partner, you can provide a message of hope to keep these young men & women motivated. Your support will ensure each one receives a postcard of encouragement.

Two ways to participate:

How to be a writer.


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Writing a card to a recruit is easy. Simply click the 'Write a Card' button below and create or login into your account.


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As a writer, you can sponsor a single card ($3.50), three-pack ($9.75), or a six-pack ($18.50) per month. Corporate Donation


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Choose an image and write a message of hope. Our team of veterans and military family members will print and ship your cards every Thursday to Military Chaplains for distribution. (read more on writing your card)

Two ways to participate:

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